Thursday, 20 September 2012

How to become fair within a week

This is a miracle procedure. Less famous, but be ready to experience the miracle!!!

I will now give you the seven day procedure. Please do it fully for complete results. Skipping the procedure any of the day may lessen the effect. So girls be ready for the seven day wonder.

Before that you should remember these points.

1.  Wash your face with a face wash (which suits your skin ) before applying the pack, each day. And pat dry.

2. Very few people are allergic to  fullers earth (multani mitti). Try it and confirm. If you are allergic, then use rice flour or grounded oats meal instead. (I have a superb oily skin and anything creamy break out me...but Fullers earth is best for me. I never had a problem with it. But I am allergic to gram flour which makes me fair instantly.but i never again dared to touch it due to the break outs it made.)

3. Drink at least 9 glasses of water these days.

4.  Do this only before you retire to bed. And wash it after dried which took almost 20 minutes. Never ever sleep leaving the any pack in your face. Twenty minutes is the right time.

5. Moisten your face thoroughly before washing out. Don't rub your face hardly. Do this slowly and softly.  Wash it fully and clearly. Flush enouh water to the face. Pat dry.

6. Oily skinned girls need not moisturize after. Dry skinned friends should certainly do it.. Vitamin E capsules are the best. Generously massage the face. My dear oily friends, if you want a softness too, moisturize with three drops of honey afterwards.

7. Sleep peacefully.

Day 1.

Apply a mixture of fullers earth and tulsi leaves extract (make it a paste). Cover your face and neck. Apply a thin to moderate  layer.

Day 2.

Make a mixture of fullers earth and neem leaves extract. Apply this paste.

Day 3.

Make a mixture of fullers earth and moringa leaves extract (leaves of drum stick tree). Apply this NATURAL MULTI VITAMIN to your starved face.

Day 4.

Apply a mixture of  fullers earth , lemon juice and honey.

Day 5

Apply a mixture of Tulsi leaves,  Neem leaves, Moringa leaves and fullers earth.

Day 6.

Make a thick paste of rice flour, curd,  juice of half a lemon, turmeric powder and juice of one crushed tomato . Apply it evenly on your skin.

Day 7.

Make a thick paste of three crushed sandal tablets, three spoon fullers earth, one spoon tulsi extract, one spoon neem extract, one spoon moringa extract and one spoon turmeric powder. Spread it evently on your face.

See the difference.......

Please add your comments opinions and  feelings. Feel free to ask any of your queries regarding beauty. I will surely give you the best of my knowledge.

Monday, 10 September 2012

VOICE OF KERALA: Kavya madhan...........The Most Beautiful Malayala...

VOICE OF KERALA: Kavya madhan...........The Most Beautiful Malayala...

VOICE OF KERALA: Ananya, the cutie....................................

VOICE OF KERALA: Ananya, the cutie....................................

Kumkumadi Thailam- A wonderful Facial Skin Protector!

 Kumkumadi thailam was long been  used by beautiful women in Kerala, for their beauty. Now its available in ayurveda shops of famous traditional experts like Kottakkal, Kandamkulathi, Sitaram, etc.......I have used Vaidyaratmam, Kottakkal, Sitaram and Kandamkulathi. But Sitaram is the best one . Other three are also best, but sitaram was the first one I have used.....and my experience was superb!!!! From there applying 3 drops of this wonder in my face became my daily routine before retiring to bed........ It takes care of all the skin aliments like pimples blemishes and dark pigmentations..........................All the brands I have used proved to be superb!!! My skin is super oily, but application of kumkumadi thailam never produced any pimples in my face......Instead it cleared all my blemishes and scars. After one month of normal daily usage, you can move on 3-4 times in a week...........That would keep all the skin aliments at bay. But the trick is that you must rub the oil in your hand as if to make it warm. Then you must apply it using thorough massage movements........for complete absorption. Take care to wash your face using a face wash meant for oily skin, and pat dry before the application of this ayurvedic boon. saffron and many precious herbs are blended in this as per sahasrayoga........

This is kandamkulathi Brand.....of Kumkumadi Thaila....

So small and cute...........................
This is how it looks when opened

3 or 4 drops is maximum for facial massage

the packaging is sturdy, it doesn't breaks even if fallen 

a) just 4 drops for facial application, b) after rubbing to make it warm

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Indulekha Complete skin care oil -Review

What the package says

A unique blend of coconut milk, almond and aloe vera extracts with a mild fragrance that tingles your senses!! Extracted through advanced cold process technology by Mosons Extractions (


For normal to oily skin: Apply within 1 minute after bath when the skin is damp
For extremely dry skin: Apply 15 minutes before bath and 1 minute after bath
For best results: Apply a generous amount of oil to the skin and keep it overnight

It claims:

1.    Improves skin tone
2.    Erases and prevents stretch mark
3.    Moisturizes skin thereby making it soft, smooth and supple
4.    Lifts premature wrinkling
5.    Removes blemishes and pigmentations
6.    Minimizes dark circles and wrinkles around eyes
7.    Helps relieve skin irritation and inflammation
8.    Proven with remarkable results- cures pigmentation and itching caused by psoriasis and other allergies


Each 100 liter batch size contains
Aloe Vera extract: 5 liter
Almond Extract: 5liter
Coconut milk Extract: 90 liter
Price: 189 Rs (when I purchased)

My experience with Indulekha completes skin care oil:

I can’t say that I am happy, but never sad. It definitely improved the skin tone after 3 weeks, but it broke me out a little. May be that I left it overnight which is not advised for oily skinned people. But it will be a wonderful item for dry skinned people. My aunt was having a sort of brown discoloration in her cheeks and she started using this. Now its two months and surprisingly it faded a lot. More over her skin tone and texture improved a lot. She is dry skinned.  Now she had a supple wrinkle free appearance. I discontinued using this on my face; instead I used it on my belly along the stretch marks. To be frank, this time I am a bit satisfied. The results are slow but I think steady.


    Improves skin tone and texture
    Fades pigmentations
    Helps prevent stretch marks
    Rich in antioxidants
    Tingles our senses….I love the smell
    Cute packaging. Does not spill out.
    Lasts for 4 months definitely as only 4-5 drops are needed.


    Brokes out oily skinned people
    Slow results (takes 1- 2 months)
    Not pocket friendly

Will I repurchase?

NO, as I don’t want to spend this much on stretch marks. I could not use it on my skin, as my skin itself is super oily! But many of my friends and relatives are in love with this…….They will definitely….


Extra Virgin coconut oil is natural oil that can be used both internally and externally. It is recommended to take at least 3 tablespoons a day which will help you tremendously against many ailments along with weight loss.You all may be amazed to know the numerous benefits of this magical boon!!!! In earlier days almost all women of Kerala used this oil during whole childhood to enhance the health and beauty of their skin. But now due to hectic schedules of time, its usage has minimized. Still traditional families here use this and are benefited. Now science proved how worth it is through various researches .Before moving to the methodology of its preparation, you must know the value of it.

Extra virgin coconut oil can be used as:

1.    A Moisturizer (for your hair and skin) .It will do wonders for dry skin.
2.    A wonderful lip balm
3.    A fairness lotion for beautiful smooth  acne and blemish free skin
4.    Its antibacterial, anti viral  and anti fungal no infections (pakka sure)
5.    Removes  any kind of discoloration of skin
6.    A fabulous sunscreen
7.    Works against warts and even psoriasis
8.    A stretch mark clearer
9.    Internal usage as cooking oil, improves digestive system.
10.    Helps in weight loss too
11.    The saturated fat present inside this is great
12.    Best for baby skin………….Cant replace it with any other commercial oil (BET)
13.    No oily feel, less viscosity, quick absorption, fresh aroma…..
14.    A super Anti Dandruff
15.    An insect repeller
16.    Favorite tonic of athletes, as it provides instant energy
17.    Immunity booster for compromised people.
18.    After breast milk, extra virigin coconut oil is the major source of Loric acid which works against all kind of infections.
19.    It works against cancer too
20.    It increases the amount of good cholesterol (HDL)in blood. And many more………….WOW you will love it for a lot many boons………………………………You can believe it like your mother’s milk………….

Procedure of preparation

1.    First take a whole coconut , Dehusk (actually you will get it dehusked from the market) and break it carefully
2.    Now scrape the coconuts using a scraper

3 Grind it in a mixer

4  Squeeze the milk out completely. You can add a very small amount of hot water and with the scraped coconut, to ease this procedure. Filter it.

5     Boil it in medium to high flame till all the oil comes out when water in the milk evaporates and the white globular remaining settles.

6    When the oil gets its golden color and when the solid remaining that settled ,becomes almost brown, it is finished.

5.    Take it from the stove. Keep it slanted so that all the oil from solid particles gets separated.

6.    When it cools pour it an air tight jar. ( I prepared it for my baby, so I haven’t stored it. Readily used to apply and massage her body before bathing)

7.    The solid particles that remains are really yummy……You can eat it as such or make chutney powder……………It’s super………….

You all may be benefited from this. I am Sure, in one way or another. Please enjoy the gift of our land naturally………………………. There are only pros and absolutely zero cones. Bye Bye……………..


Beauty and Wellness: HOME MADE EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL: THE REAL BEAUT...: Extra Virgin coconut oil is natural oil that can be used both internally and externally. It is recommended to take at least 3 tablespoo...

Beauty and Wellness: A three in one review of Biotique products-Bio ...

A three in one review of Biotique products-Bio Cucumber water toner, Bio Fruit lip whitening balm and Bio Redwood Tinted Moisturizer (dedicated to my friends with oily skin)

A  three in one review of Biotique  products-Bio  Cucumber water toner, Bio Fruit lip whitening  balm and Bio Redwood Tinted Moisturizer (dedicated to my friends with oily skin)


It smells divine, looks cute, and indeed a wonderful toner for sensitive and oily skin. But still I can say that alcohol is present in this. It’s not weak, though not too strong. You can almost remove the carbon ink using this. It spreads. But I guarantee it will never broke you out. It works well against blemishes and acne. We can feel the peppermint oil in it. But it is never oily. Morning you can notice your skin oil free and radiant. The main con is that it spills always, due to the packaging. For 149 Rs it’s OK. And it lasts tooooooo long.

 Bio Red wood Tinted Moisturizer

I am so sad about this. I was jumping when I used it for the first time. The dewy and glowing radiance it imparted made me fly. I loved this totally. Then it happened!!! It broke me out……..not minimal, almost moderately!!!! 4 new pimples appeared on the fourth day. But the look it imparted made me mad. Still I used it on the fifth day. Again broke out . But I don’t know, I don’t want to lose this. My 299 RS!!! This is the first time that I felt envious to people with dry and normal skin!!!! But after a week I tried it on my mom’s face. I jumped and jumped. It was so nice……The money is worth. My mom had a normal to dry skin. Even it masked her small wrinkles. She looked charming…….Only a small amount is needed and it last for more than 6 months. It’s economical.
So my dear oily skinned friends please don’t waste your 299 Rs. Let the dry and normal guys enjoy it!!!!



I don’t say this amazing, wonderful fabulous etc……Just it works. It’s not a cosmetic product. I have been using this for the last 3 weeks. I didn’t see any lightening effect in my highly pigmented lips. I use this at bed time. It is enough for a tinted glossy nude look. It does not stay. As it is small and handy, you could carry it to your office or wherever and easily reapply. Any way the bottle lasts long. I am sad that I could not finish at least a quarter of it yet!!!! I use this on my mothers and husbands lip, though they are not interested, yet it is not decreasing!!! But you may love this cute small balm with wonderful ingredients. I hope after using for some months my lip may lighten. For 99 Rs/- it’s not a lose.

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