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I am an ordinary women from Kerala, who wishes to share the secrets of beauty being part of such a wonderful land of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. More than that I am a Ph D student doing serious research in Environmental Sciences, particular to environmental microbiology. All the products reviewed by me here, will be based on my experience, after using it for a considerable period of time. I will purchase products only based on the experiences of other users, after indulging myself for hours through various beauty blogs. But many times I felt that there should be a blog for myself, as it too will help various girls who loves simple make ups and skin nourishing though natural and economic products.As an Environmental student, I will definitely research more on natural and herbal products, which imparts beauty from within. 

While surfing I found various blogs dedicated to product reviews, but virtually none for those who loves ayurvedic and herbal products which could impart results slowly but steadily. Mine is the land of Ayurvedic Kings like Kottakal , Vaidyaratnam, Dhathri, Sitaram, Nagarjuna etc..... We the women of Kerala never loves to immerse fully in make up, but surely we love make up moderately and  finely unlike various other parts of India. We have a lot of tips and remedies for glowing skin from within which has been acquired from our ancestors. Most of the girls in Kerala owns  oily skin to Normal skin , which is sensitive and therefore products should be carefully chosen. You can never see girls from my land immersed in heavy make ups nor wearing ultra modern dresses..........But you see all of these things moderately......

I wish to include a section of health through  inexpensive means  @ home.....and I wish to share a lot of aspects including reviews of products commercialized here..................Lets see how it will go...........I expect all your blessings along this journey.........................

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