Sunday, 9 September 2012

Indulekha Complete skin care oil -Review

What the package says

A unique blend of coconut milk, almond and aloe vera extracts with a mild fragrance that tingles your senses!! Extracted through advanced cold process technology by Mosons Extractions (


For normal to oily skin: Apply within 1 minute after bath when the skin is damp
For extremely dry skin: Apply 15 minutes before bath and 1 minute after bath
For best results: Apply a generous amount of oil to the skin and keep it overnight

It claims:

1.    Improves skin tone
2.    Erases and prevents stretch mark
3.    Moisturizes skin thereby making it soft, smooth and supple
4.    Lifts premature wrinkling
5.    Removes blemishes and pigmentations
6.    Minimizes dark circles and wrinkles around eyes
7.    Helps relieve skin irritation and inflammation
8.    Proven with remarkable results- cures pigmentation and itching caused by psoriasis and other allergies


Each 100 liter batch size contains
Aloe Vera extract: 5 liter
Almond Extract: 5liter
Coconut milk Extract: 90 liter
Price: 189 Rs (when I purchased)

My experience with Indulekha completes skin care oil:

I can’t say that I am happy, but never sad. It definitely improved the skin tone after 3 weeks, but it broke me out a little. May be that I left it overnight which is not advised for oily skinned people. But it will be a wonderful item for dry skinned people. My aunt was having a sort of brown discoloration in her cheeks and she started using this. Now its two months and surprisingly it faded a lot. More over her skin tone and texture improved a lot. She is dry skinned.  Now she had a supple wrinkle free appearance. I discontinued using this on my face; instead I used it on my belly along the stretch marks. To be frank, this time I am a bit satisfied. The results are slow but I think steady.


    Improves skin tone and texture
    Fades pigmentations
    Helps prevent stretch marks
    Rich in antioxidants
    Tingles our senses….I love the smell
    Cute packaging. Does not spill out.
    Lasts for 4 months definitely as only 4-5 drops are needed.


    Brokes out oily skinned people
    Slow results (takes 1- 2 months)
    Not pocket friendly

Will I repurchase?

NO, as I don’t want to spend this much on stretch marks. I could not use it on my skin, as my skin itself is super oily! But many of my friends and relatives are in love with this…….They will definitely….


  1. I had chickenpox 2 year back and had marks of that on my face. I bought one bottle of Indulekha Skin Care oil and applied it for 10-15 minutes before taking bath. after using it for 2-3 weeks, the marks on my face have disappeared completely. It is very useful for removing marks etc and give a fair look for face.

  2. If you have a oily skin then try to use...and then get a better result after using gives a better result for me....

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