Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dhathri Hair Care Cream Review

I am always behind Eco friendly and organic natural products, when it comes to beauty. Dhathri Hair care cream is one such decision. I couldn't find any good review for this product. So here it is for all those who looks for its review.
It consists of 13 plus ayurvedic plant extracts, and they promises that it is concentrated by three times continuous mixing and heating. The cream is oil itself, which is concentrated in a paste form with the medicinal extracts which is 3 times more due to the special preparation. They claims its highly effective!

Price: 195  Rs for  25 gram.(I purchased the smallest available bottle, as it is above 450 for the bigger one.)


It is rich creamy in green colour (completely different from my thoughts) .I expected this to be dark and natural as it claimed.

What I love in this cream

Its Non Sticky! You can apply it when your hair feels frizzy! I was always skeptical about hair serums and gels which are synthetic as well as inorganic. For this reason I love dhathri. More over I love their hair friendly shampoos, especially the aloe vera based natural shampoo. Their Chemparathi thali is also best. So no worry about the side effects.

For their claims regarding reducing hair falls, dandruff , itching and scaling , long term use is required. But I'm quite sure the product from the house of Dhathri never disappoints. Anyways my hair fall reduced considerably. I am using their shampoo too. Don't Know which one helped!

What I dislikes in Dhathri

Its not pocket friendly.Price is very high. All the ingredients mentioned are easily available  in Kerala, the land of Ayurveda! They can easily reduce the price. All their products are priced high.

The green colour, which they added. I dont know why these people could completely avoid the synthetic color. Whats wrong with exhibiting the natural color??? :-(

Will I recommend it to others?

Defenitly Yes. Just because its natural and 100 times better than artificial hair creams and serums.

Will I repurchase?

Well,  I have to think, I am planing to check other natural products like Biotique and Fab India. After that I will say. Anyways I love Dhathri.


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  2. Hello, I m chandan from Delhi , living in Dubai question is
    Well I have recently started using dhatri oil and dheedhi shampoo... and it's working very well on my hair....but as I oil and wash my hair by shampoo... then hair looks dry ,,, so can I use this oil cream ,,... would it be better I m not concerned about money.... one more question is tht sometimes can I use dhatri dhidhi oil in night and leave it for whole night and wash it in a morning ... in instruction it's written tht it must be used 30min before taking shower..... so if I leave it whole night would be good or bad... like one day in a week
    Thank you

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