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Extra Virgin coconut oil is natural oil that can be used both internally and externally. It is recommended to take at least 3 tablespoons a day which will help you tremendously against many ailments along with weight loss.You all may be amazed to know the numerous benefits of this magical boon!!!! In earlier days almost all women of Kerala used this oil during whole childhood to enhance the health and beauty of their skin. But now due to hectic schedules of time, its usage has minimized. Still traditional families here use this and are benefited. Now science proved how worth it is through various researches .Before moving to the methodology of its preparation, you must know the value of it.

Extra virgin coconut oil can be used as:

1.    A Moisturizer (for your hair and skin) .It will do wonders for dry skin.
2.    A wonderful lip balm
3.    A fairness lotion for beautiful smooth  acne and blemish free skin
4.    Its antibacterial, anti viral  and anti fungal no infections (pakka sure)
5.    Removes  any kind of discoloration of skin
6.    A fabulous sunscreen
7.    Works against warts and even psoriasis
8.    A stretch mark clearer
9.    Internal usage as cooking oil, improves digestive system.
10.    Helps in weight loss too
11.    The saturated fat present inside this is great
12.    Best for baby skin………….Cant replace it with any other commercial oil (BET)
13.    No oily feel, less viscosity, quick absorption, fresh aroma…..
14.    A super Anti Dandruff
15.    An insect repeller
16.    Favorite tonic of athletes, as it provides instant energy
17.    Immunity booster for compromised people.
18.    After breast milk, extra virigin coconut oil is the major source of Loric acid which works against all kind of infections.
19.    It works against cancer too
20.    It increases the amount of good cholesterol (HDL)in blood. And many more………….WOW you will love it for a lot many boons………………………………You can believe it like your mother’s milk………….

Procedure of preparation

1.    First take a whole coconut , Dehusk (actually you will get it dehusked from the market) and break it carefully
2.    Now scrape the coconuts using a scraper

3 Grind it in a mixer

4  Squeeze the milk out completely. You can add a very small amount of hot water and with the scraped coconut, to ease this procedure. Filter it.

5     Boil it in medium to high flame till all the oil comes out when water in the milk evaporates and the white globular remaining settles.

6    When the oil gets its golden color and when the solid remaining that settled ,becomes almost brown, it is finished.

5.    Take it from the stove. Keep it slanted so that all the oil from solid particles gets separated.

6.    When it cools pour it an air tight jar. ( I prepared it for my baby, so I haven’t stored it. Readily used to apply and massage her body before bathing)

7.    The solid particles that remains are really yummy……You can eat it as such or make chutney powder……………It’s super………….

You all may be benefited from this. I am Sure, in one way or another. Please enjoy the gift of our land naturally………………………. There are only pros and absolutely zero cones. Bye Bye……………..


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