Friday, 2 December 2011

Feel cheated? Come! Let us together write honest reviews on the beauty products that we use or have used so far!.

Dear Friends,

Now a days a lot of beauty products confuses us in a super market, malls or elsewhere. To buy or not buy  is our turn (Risk it or not). We find some products amazingly nice while some are terrible and horrible. I would like to make this a wonderful platform for all of us to have a honest review of the products we have used personally, to help others before buying the stuff from supermarkets. You may find other sites dedicated to such products, but we Keralites love to hear it from our neighbors. What is good for an American may not work for an Indian. Reviews of products from Mumbai , Hyderabad, Delhi, etc....may not be suitable for those who lives in Kerala with entirely different climatic conditions.

You may also review  and discuss on natural and traditional beauty mantras that worked for you, which are acquired from our older generations. You may add photographs you wish to include......Natural methods to increase the quality of Hair and Skin,  a successful weight loss review  may all  be discussed in detail under this umbrella................

Common Friends we shall all unite and walk hand in hand...........................


  1. hai dheedhi,myself maryam. I accidentally came to read your blog as I was searching for the beauty products for me as a keralite. As you said,its really difficult for us to buy products with the review of north indians as a reference. I am so glad to share my experience as well here.

    1. Hi pretty

      It would be so nice if you could share your experiences here......You just share your experience by dropping a mail to I would be delighted to add it to the blog. Just join as a member and begin. All the best.


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